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How to Download, Install and Configure RStudio Desktop

RStudio is a powerful tool for the users (mostly statisticians) of R Programming and it is very easy to setup the RStudio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Here we are giving a quick guide to how to download, install and Configure RStudio Desktop in 9 simple steps. Before setting up RStudio, we need to Download and Install R Software from official RStudio website or you can also download from this link. Who already installed R can skip to step 3.After downloading the file, initiate the install and you can continuously click Next button until R is finally installed on your computer.Before Download RStudio Desktop, Choose your License from official RStudio website. If you choose Buy, then website will redirect you to the purchase page. (Download)

Now select the correct type of installation according to your operating system. Further Installation tutorial is based on Windows Operating System. You can also download the zip format and unzip it. It does not require installation and c…